Battery Watering Gun

Item Number: 89070 Catalog Image

Fill the cells of your forklift battery fast with this watering gun! Features automatic shutoff and fits most battery openings including MC001 Flip Top caps. Rugged ABS construction, requires minimum 15 psi source and fills at approx 1.7 GPM. 45 degree angle nozzle for ease of handling. Ships UPS in 1-2 days.


Manual Flip Top Battery Cap

Item Number: 89071 Catalog Image

Manual Bayonet Vent caps save time inspecting and making water adjustments to your forklift battery. Low profile keeps out of the way of battery cables. Internal design returns excess moisture to battery cell rather than top of Lift truck battery. Works great with our manual watering gun! Ships UPS in 48-72 hours.


Saf-T-Stor Cabinet

Item Number: 898504 Catalog Image

Designed to safely store 8 or 16 LPG (Propane) tanks and meet OSHA 1910.110 requirements and NFP 58-79. Includes "Danger Flammable Material" sign. Standard unit is made of galvanized wire for long lasting indoor/outdoor use. Ships knock down construction for freight savings and is easily assembled common hand tools.

      16 cylinder model


Fork Kushion Replacement Mounting Brackets

Item Number: 88670 Catalog Image

24" high black powder coated steel channel brackets complete with peel adhesion system for easy installation and maximum bond strength. Eliminates the need to weld or rivet to forks (see instructions), ensuring continued OSHA compliance of fork safety rating. Brackets will not move or shift and will withstand constant use and force. Sizes based on fork width.



Fork Kushions 8" Wide - Replacements

Item Number: 88702 Catalog Image

See 4" Fork Kushion Description. Sold in pairs. Ship in 3-4 weeks via UPS.



Fork Kushions 6" Wide - Replacements

Item Number: 88698 Catalog Image

See 4" Fork Kushion Description. Sold in pairs. Ship in 3-4 weeks via UPS.


Fork Kushions 5" wide Replacements

Item Number: 88694 Catalog Image

See description for 4" Fork Kushions. Sold in pairs. Ship in 3-4 weeks via UPS.



Fork Kushions 4" wide-Replacements

Item Number: 88690 Catalog Image

Kastalon Fork Kushions offer a resilient yet durable solution by equipping a forklift forks with specially engineered polyurethane bumpers that are mounted to the upright of the fork. These highly engineered fork bumpers provide cushioning protection from marring, denting and other forms of damage. The unique structure offers excellent wear properties and vibration deadening without compromising the load capacity.

Standard height of cushions is 24”. Special sizes are available upon request.

Kastalon Fork Kushions:

Offer superior cushioning

Have excellent wear properties

Are resistant to grease, oil and dirt

Can dramatically reduce product damage

Are durable

Are adaptable for all sizes of lift truck forks

Are available in "Ultra-Soft", "Soft", "Medium", "Engineered"

Ship in 3-4 weeks via UPS.


Platform Harness w/Lanyard Combo

Item Number: 89260 Catalog Image

 Universal Lightweight, sub-pelvic, polyester full-body harness.  Designed for ease of use and all day comfort.  See weblog for size chart and drop down box for extreme sizes. ANSI Z359 compliant, also meets OSHA and ANSI A10.32-2012, Union Made in USA. Sold in Twin Packs.





Combo features include:


5 point of adjustment (shoulder straps, legs and chest)

Pass-thru chest strap buckle

Pass-thru leg strap buckles

Chest strap retainers with replaceable, breakaway snaphook holders

Polyester webbing

Anti-tangle strap

Fall arrest indicator

ANSI Z359.12 compliant alloy steel locking snaphooks 

Permanently attached lanyard

Complete with Storage Pouch


           Quick ship! Ships UPS.


Forklift Carpet Pole Carriage Mount

Item Number: 88909 Catalog Image

Transport rolls of carpet with these sturdy Forklift Carpet Pole Attachments2-3⁄4" diameter high strength, rotatable, replaceable pole has tapered tip. All units are made of steel construction and painted blue.Carriage Mounted Rug Rams are available in class 2 or 3 mount and feature a spring loaded locking pin to secure them to the carriage. 2-3 days to ship. Call for other sizes. Capacities: 10' = 2200 lbs * 12' = 1800 lbs