The Orange Box

Item Number: 89400 Catalog Image

The orange Box is the only true "self-dumping" hopper on the market. As the forklift mast is tilted forward a few degrees, the door releases. Tilting back or lowering the ground the mechanism on the door locks for next load, truly the EASY EMPTY container! Made to order in 3-4 weeks.

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Floor scraper

Item Number: 89345 Catalog Image

Great new product designed to turn your fork truck into a floor scraper. Works well in paint and finish rooms for removing over-sprayed paint from floors. Simply slide fork tines into the opening and attach the chain to carriage for safety. Features hardened scraping blade for long life and durability. The blade is mounted in pivot assembly to allow it to raise up with contact against a crack or rise in the floor.  Heavy-duty welded steel construction. Painted finish. Made to order in 2 weeks.

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Forklift Beam Mover

Item Number: 89219 Catalog Image

The Forklift Beam Mover makes the movement of I Beams much more efficient. The built-in fork pocket ensures safe positioning onto the lifting fork. Once in position simply slide the open bottom of the beam mover over the flange of the I-beam. This secures the beam to be easily lifted or taken to different areas. Powder-coated finish. Fits 4" wide forks, 500 lb capacity of this attachment. Check with your forklift dealer for specific down rated capacities of the truck/attachment combination. Ships LTL Freight in approx 2 weeks.



Forkliftable Dolly

Item Number: 89226 Catalog Image

This all-welded 12 gauge solid deck pallet dolly features 2 full-length fork pockets with 6”  fork openings on 24” centers. The deck is 14.25” high. 4 swivel 6” Phenolic casters  All-welded steel construction. Durable powder coated gray finish. 3600 lbs. capacity.Available with 2 floor locks to keep your load stationary while loading and unloading. Ships LTL in 2-3 weeks.

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Bag Lifter

Item Number: 88901 Catalog Image

This handy device mounts either to your forklift forks or can be suspended from a fork hook or similar device to handle super sacks by the lifting straps. Why struggle with those ole bags? Powder coat finish, 4,000 lb capacity, overall size 40" x 40" x 13.75", weighs 97 lbs net. Ships LTL in 7-10 days.


fork mount bag lifter        hook mount bag lifter

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Forkliftable Storage Locker

Item Number: 89224 Catalog Image

This forkliftable Mobile Storage Locker allows security while maintaining visibility. 3/4" x 1.5" diamond-shaped openings afford shelter to even the smallest items and airflow. The unit is 48" wide with either 24" or 30" deep configurations. Double doors open to 270 degrees to the sides and feature a padlockable slide latch. Inside height is 48" and overall height 56". Standard with 2 swivel/2 rigid polyurethane 6" x 2" wheeled casters. 6" x 3.5" fork pockets on 24" centers and includes a steel grab bar to secure to orderpicker. Ships in 2-3 weeks.



Fork Reel Attachment

Item Number: 89218 Catalog Image

Fork Reel Attachment safely carries rolls that will fit between your forks. For use with 4" wide forks. Includes two 72" long safety chains with quick clasp and a 2-3/8" diameter reel support bar (48" long). 

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Double Fork Lifting Beam

Item Number: 89708 Catalog Image

Forklift Lifting Beams are available in 4,000 lb, 6,000 lb, and 10,000 lb capacities and feature outside hooks, 7" wide x 2.5" high fork pockets on 13" centers, screw clamps, and 48" safety strap to secure to the forklift. Ships LTL in approx 3 weeks.

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Fork Tie Down Clamps

Item Number: 89217 Catalog Image

Forklift Tie-Down Clamps will secure your load to your forklift. Kit includes screw clamp and eye brackets for 2 forks. Will work with forks up to 6" wide and 2.75" thick. Total 4400 lbs capacity of uniform load (2200 lbs per clamp/bracket). Powder coat yellow finish. Ships UPS. You supply nylon straps or chains.

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Medium Duty Trailer Mover

Item Number: 88914 Catalog Image

Convert your fork truck into a forklift mover for trailers and other portable equipment. Simple design slides onto forks and secures into place with safety pins. Welded steel construction with powder-coat blue finish. Optional pintle hook, tow balls, and new TRI-BALL include hooks available. The frame has a 4,000 lb capacity, total unit capacity may be less, depending on ball/hook selected. Ships in 7-14 days.

Pintle HookTow BallTRI_BALL


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