Fork Kushions 5" wide-Complete

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Kastalon Fork Kushions offer a resilient yet durable solution by equipping a forklift forks with specially engineered polyurethane bumpers that are mounted to the upright of the fork. These highly engineered fork bumpers provide cushioning protection from marring, denting and other forms of damage. The unique structure offers excellent wear properties and vibration deadening without compromising the load capacity.

Standard height of cushions is 24”. Special sizes are available upon request.

Kastalon Fork Kushions:

Offer superior cushioning

Have excellent wear properties

Are resistant to grease, oil and dirt

Can dramatically reduce product damage

Are durable

Are adaptable for all sizes of lift truck forks

Are available in "Ultra-Soft", "Soft", "Medium", "Engineered"

Ship in 3-4 weeks via UPS.


Fork Kushions 6" wide Complete

Item Number: 88682 Catalog Image

See description for 4" Fork Kushions. Sold in pairs. Ship in 3-4 weeks via UPS.


Fork Kushions 8" wide Complete

Item Number: 88686 Catalog Image

See description for 4" Fork Kushions. Sold in pairs. Ship in 3-4 weeks via UPS.


Fork Kushion Replacement Mounting Brackets

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24" high black powder coated steel channel brackets complete with peel adhesion system for easy installation and maximum bond strength. Eliminates the need to weld or rivet to forks (see instructions), ensuring continued OSHA compliance of fork safety rating. Brackets will not move or shift and will withstand constant use and force. Sizes based on fork width.



Forklift Work Platform

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Easy to use lift truck work platforms quickly and safely transport maintenance personnel where they are needed. Includes tine locks and safety chain for securing to truck. Platform Harness w/Lanyard  (not included) available in Safety section. Ships in 48 hours!

Features include:

  • Two lanyard attachment points
  • Welded steel construction
  • 42" high handrail with 21" high mid-rail on three sides
  • 4" toeboards
  • 60" high expanded metal backing on fourth side (optional 84" high backing to meet CalOSHA specifications)
  • Checker floor plate platform  
  • Fork pockets are 7-3/4"w x 3-3/8"h rear, 7-3/4"w x 1-7/8"h front
  • Capacity  1,000 pounds
  • Safety signage 
  • Powder coat blue finish


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Fiberglass Forklift Battery Lifting Attachment

Item Number: 36E-2.4 Catalog Image

70% lighter than other beams. Acid-resistant straps and hooks. These battery lifting beams provide a convenience in battery handling. They’re non-conductive, light in weight and very easy to handle. Ideal for moving batteries to and from forklift trucks or storage areas. Will service batteries from 30" to 42" wide. For units with "J" hooks or fixed length units call for price and availability. In Stock.





Bottom Dump Hopper

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In addition to dumping free flow materials from your forklift, this unit can also dump from a crane! After the Bottom Dump hopper has moved to the dump site, a single operator retracts the locking pin and trips the front release allowing the material to flow from the bottom door. 2.5" x 7.5" Fork Pockets. Made to order in 2 weeks. Optional Lanyard Release Cable enables dumping from side/forklift seat.



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Forklift Trailer Spotter

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This 5,000 lb capacity Fork Mounted attachment will make moving trailers with your forklift a breeze! Features generous 8" x 3"  fork pockets (up to 7" x 2.5" forks), heavy duty safety chain, and includes 3 way hitch that includes 1-7/8",2", & 2-5/16" balls. Overall dimensions are 17" wide x 24" long. Ships from stock.

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Anti Slip Forks

Item Number: 89005 Catalog Image

These anti slip forks have a durable abrasive coating applied to the top of the forklift fork, this coating is a hardened steel alloy with sharp peaks and valleys that provide a "jagged" surface to grip plastic pallets, keeping them on the forks while moving, changing direction, or stopping. Other sizes available, call for details. Ships LTL in 6 weeks.

Note: these are not recommended for metal or hard surface loads.


Forklift Hook Plate

Item Number: 88913 Catalog Image

The Lift-Master Hook Plate by Vestil enables any forklift to maximize safety while lifting a load using chains, cables or ropes.  The safety chain and strap are used to secure the Hook Plate to the forklift, preventing it from sliding off the end of the forks.   The 4000 lb model is constructed of 3/4" hot rolled steel.  Additional 6,000 pounds capacity option is available for handling heavier loads. Fork openings are 6.25" x 1.75". Ships in 48 hours! Ships UPS.

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