Fork Rear Spacer

Item Number: 89092 Catalog Image

These fork spacers easily reduce the usable length of your forks by 12". The simply slide on at a 45° angle to the rear of the forks. 




Poly Fork Covers

Item Number: 89096 Catalog Image

These Poly covers protect your product from damage by giving a blunt end to your forks. Attach with pin behind the heel of the fork and secure with a cotter pin. Max 2" thick forks. Ships from stock in a 2-3 days. Only sizes below are currently available.


Two Man Work Platform

Item Number: 89415 Catalog Image

This spacious 60" wide x 40" deep manbasket meets the OSHA/ANSI design criteria. Meant for use on forklifts 41" or wider with max 5" x 2" forks on 30" centers. Access doors hinge on both 40" ends. 1000 lb capacity, ships LTL freight in approx 2-3 weeks. Platform Harness w/Lanyard  (not included) available in Safety section or below.





Mini Work Platform

Item Number: 89416 Catalog Image

This Mini forklift maintenance platform measures 24" x 24" which just meets the minimum allowed by OSHA/ANSI standards. Ships in approx 2-3 weeks. Platform Harness w/Lanyard  (not included) available in Safety section or below.



Forklift Order Picking Carts - 2 shelf

Item Number: 89023 Catalog Image

Gather medium size orders efficiently and safely work with these aluminum forklift order picking carts. Includes two 32" deep x 36.75" wide shelves adjustable on 4" centers. All welded heavy duty construction, 4" x 6" x ¼" fork pockets with deck designed to fit to your brand of Orderpicker (select from box below). Lead time is 3 weeks. 

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Forklift Order Picking Carts - 3 shelf

Item Number: 89024 Catalog Image

These  forklift order picking carts are designed to turn your orderpicking work truck into a small parts mobile carousel system! Comes with three adjustable 24" deep x 36¾" wide shelves for maximum flexibility. All welded heavy duty construction. 4" x 6" x ¼" fork pockets with deck designed to work with your brand of Orderpicker (select from box below) Aluminum construction. Lead time is 3 weeks. 


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Orderpicking Cart with Backstop

Item Number: 89020 Catalog Image

This Cart features a 48" wide by 66"(60" usable) long deck with an overall height of approx 6', two 6" x 2" swivel and two 6" x 2" rigid casters, universal orderpicker pockets, backstop with handle and heavy duty all aluminum construction make this unit mobile and ideal for picking bulk or cases of your product. Made to order in 3 weeks.

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Forklift Picking Platform

Item Number: 89021 Catalog Image

These 40" x 48" Aluminum Forklift Orderpicker Platforms avoid the work trip points associated with GMA wood pallets! They feature 4" x 6" x ¼" fork pockets, replaceable wood clamp block, and anti slip tape on end. Lifetime Guarantee against rust & corrosion. Call for custom sizes. Lead Time is 3 weeks.

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Elevated Platform Picking Pallet

Item Number: 89022 Catalog Image

Elevated platform height provides ergonomic operator work position in loading and/or unloading less than full load items with your forklift orderpicker. The deck is 42" x 42" (43.5" x 45" overall) wide and sits 26.75" high in use (add you pallet height for final work height). Overall height is 36". Heavy duty aluminum construction. Replaceable wood clamp block secures unit to the orderpicker. Manufacturer life time guarantee against rust and corrosion! Standard capacity is 1500 lbs uniform loading. Shipping weight is 165 lbs. Call for custom sizes. Lead time is 3 weeks.


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Super Large Dump Hopper

Item Number: 89180 Catalog Image

These monsters by Roura R4T-3/16-EL-1620 cover capacities from 6 to 10 cubic yards in the popular forklift accessory line of self dumping hoppers. These models are constructed of 3/16" plate (with ¼" plate bottoms on the 9 & 10 cubic yard hoppers). All measure 91" in length by 70" height with the width varying:

6 cy - 83" (8,000 lbs cap)

7 cy - 96" (8,000 lbs cap)

8 cy - 109" (8,000 lbs cap)

9 cy - 122" (10,000 lbs cap)

10 cy - 135" (10,000 lbs cap)

Safety Green finish is standard, other colors available, call for details.