Fork Kushions 8" Wide - Replacements

Item Number: 88702 Catalog Image

See 4" Fork Kushion Description. Sold in pairs. Ship in 3-4 weeks via UPS.

 Medium Yellow pictured


Fork Poly Load Protectors

Item Number: 88870 Catalog Image

Load Protectors provide a cushioned non-slip surface between product and steel fork, eliminating expensive scratching, chipping, marring and scuffing caused by steel forks. Molded from Black premium 93A hardness polyurethane to OEM specifications. Load Protectors fit right over standard lift truck forks with mounting hardware. Eliminates damage in several typical applications such as exotic castings, building materials, tombstone handling, windows, etc. Prices are per pair, individual covers are available, call for details. Lead time ranges from stock to 2-3 weeks!







5" x 2" x 42" class 2 Standard Folding Forks

Item Number: 88596 Catalog Image

Standard Folding Forks are custom made with a one pin connection, this configuration maintains a 5,000 lb capacity at a 24" load center to match up with ITA class 2 carriages. Other sizes are available, call for details. Sold per pair. 10-12 week lead time.



5" x 2" x 42" class 2 Locking Folding Forks

Item Number: 88597 Catalog Image

These Folding Forks feature a second pin that locks the blade in operating position. Very helpful to prevent unintended folding of the horizontal section. 5,000 lb capacity at a 24" load center to match up with ITA class 2 carriages. Other sizes are available, call for details. Sold per pair. 10-12 week lead time.



Orderpicker Platform with Desk

Item Number: 88830 Catalog Image

Create your work cell on an orderpicker! This overall 40" x 60" platform features a desk area with enough clearance to operate a laptop and have a couple shelves with the lips inverted to keep items from rolling off! Total capacity is 1500 lbs, Requires a completed survey form so we can match the platform deck height with your brand orderpicker (no trip points) and pallet grab. Made to order in 4-6 weeks.




Drader Picking Platform

Item Number: 89234 Catalog Image

This 44" x 60" Orderpicking platform would be ideal working with Drader Mfg. warehouse bins, size has been adjusted to allow bins to stay within perimeter of work area. Upper shelves supplement picking activities. Unit can be customized. Ships in 4-6 weeks.


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Retractable Life Line with Safety Harness

Item Number: 89263 Catalog Image


Unique stainless steel swivel offers quick attach/ removal to lift truck shackle. Retractable Lifeline adjusts to 8 feet to allow freedom of movement to work comfortably and safely while picking orders or working in forklift cages. Lifeline lock mechanism stops falls immediately. Lightweight and durable high quality webbing and stainless steel hardware stand up to rack, personnel basket, and orderpicker environments. Double locking snap hook 2-step process assures active-protection compliance and ease of use to improve productivity and safety. Universal, X-Large, XX-Large just specify. Quick ship! Ships UPS.


Platform Harness w/Lanyard Combo

Item Number: 89260 Catalog Image

 Universal Lightweight, sub-pelvic, polyester full-body harness.  Designed for ease of use and all day comfort.  See weblog for size chart and drop down box for extreme sizes. ANSI Z359 compliant, also meets OSHA and ANSI A10.32-2012, Union Made in USA. Sold in Twin Packs.





Combo features include:


5 point of adjustment (shoulder straps, legs and chest)

Pass-thru chest strap buckle

Pass-thru leg strap buckles

Chest strap retainers with replaceable, breakaway snaphook holders

Polyester webbing

Anti-tangle strap

Fall arrest indicator

ANSI Z359.12 compliant alloy steel locking snaphooks 

Permanently attached lanyard

Complete with Storage Pouch


           Quick ship! Ships UPS.


FTP Standard ITA Forks

Item Number: 88624 Catalog Image

The sizes below are in stock Standard ITA hook mount forks with flat heels, fully tapered from tip to fork heel and feature a top bevel tip and polished blades. Class 2 versions are rated at 5,500 lbs per pair at 24" load center, class 3 range from 9,000 to 10,000 lbs per pair at 24" load center.


Impact Protector

Item Number: 89110 Catalog Image

These forklift impact bumpers measure 17" tall x 2.8" wide x 1.2" thick, Black polyurethane hardness 63 Shore A. Magnetic fork mount with 4 integral magnets for a secure fit. Protects load from damage from interior tine bend, also acts as protector upper sections of loads. (shown on class 3 forks) Ships via UPS in approx 4 weeks.