Economy Telescoping Forklift Jib Booms

Item Number: 88906 Catalog Image

These forklift jib booms telescope from 80" to 144". The telescopic section of these jib booms are secured in place with an infinitely adjustable locking screw. Fork openings are on 11" centers and will accomodate forks up to 7.1" wide x 2" thick (optional larger fork pockets are available). 8,000 lb models available, call for details. Overall size is 32"W x 11"H. Ships in 48 hours!


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Orbit Telescoping Forklift Crane

Item Number: 88908 Catalog Image

The High Riser Boom adds five feet of lifting height to any forklift, making your forklift a mobile forklift crane. The LM-OBT extends to lengths up to 144".  The overall height of the telescoping boom is 70" and the overall width is 32". Fork openings are  on 24" centers and will accommodate forks up to 7.1" wide x 2" thick (optional larger fork pockets are available). 8,000 lb models available, call for details. Ships in 48 hours!


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Telescoping Forklift Jib Booms

Item Number: 88905 Catalog Image

Precision engineering features enable lifting of 4,000 lbs with these forklift booms. Features self storing design, adjustable locking screws, welded handle, safety chain and boom travel limiting bar make your fork lift a mobile forklift crane. Built in rise of 24" for extra lift height.Fork openings are  on 24" centers and will accomodate forks up to 7.1" wide x 2" thick (optional larger fork pockets are available). 8,000 lb models and non-telescopic style forklift attachment also available, call for details. Ships in 48 hours!

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Forklift Carpet Pole Carriage Mount

Item Number: 88909 Catalog Image

Transport rolls of carpet with these sturdy Forklift Carpet Pole Attachments2-3⁄4" diameter high strength, rotatable, replaceable pole has tapered tip. All units are made of steel construction and painted blue.Carriage Mounted Rug Rams are available in class 2 or 3 mount and feature a spring loaded locking pin to secure them to the carriage. 2-3 days to ship. Call for other sizes. Capacities: 10' = 2200 lbs * 12' = 1800 lbs  





Bag Lifter

Item Number: 88901 Catalog Image

This handy device mounts either to your forklift forks or can be suspended from a fork hook or similar device to handle super sacks by the lifting straps. Why struggle with those ole bags? Powder coat finish, 4,000 lb capacity, overall size 40" x 40" x 13.75", weighs 97 lbs net. Ships LTL in 7-10 days.

fork mount bag lifter        hook mount bag lifter

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Auto Tension Hoisting Hook

Item Number: 89091 Catalog Image

This hoisting hook automatically adds tension as weight is added. Can be used on forks up to 5" x 1¾". Yields a uniform capacity of up to 4,000 lbs. Swivel hook standard. Ships in 48 hours! Ships UPS.



Medium Duty Trailer Mover

Item Number: 88914 Catalog Image

Convert your fork truck into a forklift mover for trailers and other portable equipment. Simple design slides onto forks and secures into place with safety pins. Welded steel construction with powder coat blue finish. Optional pintle hook, tow balls, and new TRI-BALL includes hooks available. Frame has a 4,000 lb capacity, total unit capacity may be less, depending on ball/hook selected. Ships in 7-14 days.

Pintle HookTow BallTRI_BALL


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Floor scraper

Item Number: 89345 Catalog Image

Great new product designed to turn your fork truck into a floor scraper. Works well in paint and finish rooms for removing over-sprayed paint from floors. Simply slide fork tines into opening and attach chain to carriage for safety. Features hardened scraping blade for long life and durability. Blade is mounted in pivot assembly to allow it to raise up with contact against a crack or rise in the floor.  Heavy-duty welded steel construction. Painted finish. Made to order in 2 weeks.

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Fork Rear Spacer

Item Number: 89092 Catalog Image

These fork spacers easily reduce the usable length of your forks by 12". The simply slide on at a 45° angle to the rear of the forks. Ships in 1-2 weeks via UPS.




4" Fork Kushion Complete

Item Number: 88674 Catalog Image

Kastalon Fork Kushions offer a resilient yet durable solution by equipping a forklift forks with specially engineered polyurethane bumpers that are mounted to the upright of the fork. These highly engineered fork bumpers provide cushioning protection from marring, denting and other forms of damage. The unique structure offers excellent wear properties and vibration deadening without compromising the load capacity.

Standard height of cushions and brackets are 24”. Special sizes are available upon request.

Kastalon Fork Kushions:

Offer superior cushioning

Have excellent wear properties

Are resistant to grease, oil and dirt

Can dramatically reduce product damage

Are durable

Are adaptable for all sizes of lift truck forks

Are available in "Ultra-Soft", "Soft", "Medium", "Engineered"

Pricing includes mounting brackets.

Ship in 3-4 weeks via UPS.