Roller Forks

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Hydraulic free palletless handling is available for you forklift now! Reduce costs dramatically by swithching to slip sheets. RollerForks® are also a great way to handle bulk bags. RollerForks® offer:

Lower investment costs

RollerForks® weigh little more than ordinary forks allowing a smaller lift truck to be used

No hydraulic connection needed

Applicable to light weight electric stackers

No loss of visibility

Almost no maintenance needed because there are no hydraulics and no lubrication points

RollerForks® can also be used for lifting standard pallets

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Auto Tension Hoisting Hook

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This hoisting hook automatically adds tension as weight is added. Can be used on forks up to 5" x 1¾". Yields a uniform capacity of up to 4,000 lbs. Swivel hook standard. Ships in 48 hours! Ships UPS.



Medium Duty Trailer Mover

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Convert your fork truck into a forklift mover for trailers and other portable equipment. Simple design slides onto forks and secures into place with safety pins. Welded steel construction with powder coat blue finish. Optional pintle hook, tow balls, and new TRI-BALL includes hooks available. Frame has a 4,000 lb capacity, total unit capacity may be less, depending on ball/hook selected. Ships in 7-14 days.

Pintle HookTow BallTRI_BALL


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Trailer Spotter

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An inexpensive and fast way to move trailers with your fork lift truck. It quickly attaches to both pallet forks for stable load movement with safety chain and grab hook for added security per OSHA requirements. Accepts standard 2” hitch inserts desired to handle 1.875” to 2 5/16” hitch ball for up to 6,000 lbs gross towing weight, and with the pintle adapter, up to 16,000 lbs gross towing weight. Fork pockets 7.5" x 2.5" on 22" centers (Max 7" x 2.25" forks). Ships from stock.



Forklift Hitch

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Strong steel construction gives this hitch the ability for long term use. Maximum tongue load of 1500 lbs. Simply mount on forks and secure with 56" chain (included). Also comes with tri-ball as illustrated. Fork pockets are 4-5/16" wide by 1-11/16" tall (4" x 1-5/8" forks). Overall size is 14.5"w x 20-9/16" L x 8-1/16"H. weight is 46 lbs. Can be shipped via UPS in 3 weeks. NOT INTENDED FOR PULLING!

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The Pallet Bumper

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The Pallet Dawg™ by BST Industries fits standard Class 2 ITA Carriages to help protect pallets and skids from damage thereby guarding the product and packaging from the same impact. Made of a high density polyethylene co-polymer this forklift guard can be easily attached to your lift truck carriage between the forks on your forklift as a pallet bumper cushion! This protector ships UPS from Stock. 

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Fork Rear Spacer

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These fork spacers easily reduce the usable length of your forks by 12". The simply slide on at a 45° angle to the rear of the forks. Ships in 1-2 weeks via UPS.




Magnetic Fork Covers

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Developed internationally for the painted metal and aluminium industry, these forklift fork covers add a layer between your tines and product surfaces. Which make them ideal to protect painted metal, anodized aluminium, coated surfaces and wood products. They are constructed of 70A durometer black rubber with a metal inner core and a magnetic layer. Product is sized around an "Intended Fork Size" click here for the actual size chart. Most sizes in stock. Sizes without shank coverage are listed below.



Magnetic Fork Covers - Blade Only

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Same as above, only intended to cover length of blade. No shank protection. Most ship from stock via UPS.


Forklift Orderpicking Cart

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Pick orders efficiently and safely work with these aluminum forklift order picking carts. Includes two 30" deep shelves that secure to evenly spaced angle guides with a 4 degree slope to retard rollback. All welded heavy duty construction, 4" x 2" clamp block, universal fork pockets with deck designed to fit to your brand of Orderpicker (select from box below). Lead time is 3 weeks.

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