Why Backbone?

A great way to avoid reach truck (and stand-ups) under rides. Click here for a video that demonstrates this phenomenon.


GenieGrip Stik-it Pads

GenieGrip® Stik-it Pads feature:

Anti-slip surface

Prevents  damaged goods

Non-marking rubber compound

Rubber construction can be used from -40ºF to 230ºF environments

Oil resistant rubber formula

Adheres directly to forklift forks

Easily applied and removed.

Can be used side by side for wider forks

Thin Thickness

8' platforms

We've trimmed the length of the order picker platforms by 1 inch to avoid excessive length charges by carriers, if you need a longer platform we can do it, but it's going to cost.

Fork Sox™ Color

Currently, Fork Sox™ are available in Safety Yellow, side panels of Cordura® are dark gray or if the webbing is used, again yellow is the color.

Fork Sox™

Fork Sox™ is Indoff's trademark name for Nylon Forklift Fork Covers, others have co-opted the tradename so be careful when shopping. We feel the nylon woven material we use is superior to ballistic fabrics and polyester woven materials. It's a durability issue along with non-stretch construction.

Global sanctions

With the Russia and Ukraine conflict starting, how far will President Biden go with sanctions? Putting the hurt on a couple of banks in Russia won't probably get the job done, what's next? I heard someone suggest it could come down to if you do business with Russia, you won't do business with us. May seem draconian, but world markets would trade dramatically different. Who would China choose to do business with? Our products, including Fork Sox, are domestically sourced. 

Color Coding Fork Sox

As noted in the catalog the standard color for the webbing portion of Fork Sox is Yellow. Should you require another color to differentiate between covers we may (depending upon size) may be able to fill your order with another color. When other colors are not available, we could add a "Racing Stripe" to make them look different. Call with your specifics and we will find a way.

Chassis bumpers

The Gekko Magnetic Forklift Covers can also be used to protect the chassis when not in use on the forks.

Replacement Forklift Fork Quantities

We sell our replacement forklift forks in pairs, not per fork like many on the web. They are used as pairs and manufactured in pairs. What that means is the fork tips will align exactly, since they were up forged together. 

Sizing Order Picking Platforms

Most of our Order Picking Platforms are made to order and consequently can be made in any size needed for your application. My thought is to keep the width about the same as the order-picking truck to avoid the platform from hanging out of the confines of the combined unit. Most truck manufacturers instruct that operators should normally face the drive end of the unit, if your platform is "hanging out" it seems more likely to be involved in snagging a rack frame. Yikes.

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