88860 Hinged Lid Option

88860 Dump Hoppers are available with color match hinged lids that may be opened in either direction or totally removed. 

Other options include Casters, Side Support Bars, Stenciling, and Drains.

88860 Safety Instructions

88860 Plastic self dumper hopper safety instructions can be found by clicking the picture below.

Dawg video

A new video of Pallet Dawg and Bull Dawg forklift bumper shows the installation, savings, and other features. 


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Benefits of plastic dump hoppers

Comparing plastic to steel dump hoppers keep in mind plastic hoppers are:

  • Lighter
  • quieter
  • Safer (no sharp edges)
  • The body will not rust or corrode
  • Easily cleaned
  • Available in a variety of colors

The Numbers

Forklift safety is one of the most important subjects for our customers. The Stats point the way.

The OSHA and ITA accident numbers show that there is a need to react:

61,800 fork truck lost time accidents annually
34,900 serious fork truck accidents annually
85 fork truck deaths annually
$188,000 average costs for serious accidents

Forks are at the front of forklift safety, are yours the best for your application (s)?

Fork Sox part numbers

Our original product numbers for Fork Sox™ forklift fork covers began with FSY or FSO indicating whether they were constructed of Yellow or Orange webbing. We are now dropping the color designation. 

PolyClad Fork Inspection

Currently, I am unaware of OSHA rules about the Magnaflux inspection of forklift forks. Since there are other areas in the world that this procedure is required on a 6 month or annual basis keep in mind industry-standard can creep into compliance standards. once we coat the forks with polyurethane, this type of non-destructive test would be next to impossible. 

B56-1 Nameplate Interpretations

Thought this Interpretation might answer questions for some users.

Interpretation: 1-78
Subject: ANSI/ITSDF B56.1-2005, Section 4.2.3, Modifications, Nameplates, Markings, and Capacity and Section 7.5.9, Nameplates and Markings

Date Issued: March 13, 2006
Question (1): Section 4.2.3 states that “If a truck is equipped with front end attachments…”, does this include an attachment that is provided with the fork truck by the manufacturer?
Answer (1): Yes.

Question (2): Would this attachment be an attachment other than the standard equipped tines?
Answer (2): Yes. Forks are not considered to be an attachment.

Question (3): If an off the shelf attachment is purchased to use on the standard tines and the forklift manufacturer says that the attachment purchased will not affect the capacity or the safe operation of the truck, does the fork truck require a second nameplate?
Answer (3): Another nameplate would not be required if it does not affect capacity, stability, or safe operation.

Question (4): Is section 7.5.9 referring to removable attachments, does the fork truck require a nameplate if the attachment does not affect the capacity or the safe operation of the truck?
Answer (4): Removable attachments that do not affect capacity, stability, or safe operation do not require a nameplate.

High Capacity Forks

In addition to the standard ITA hook mount forks in the catalog section, we can also provide shaft-mounted forks. Some sizes in 2 weeks. We need the cross-section of the blade, length, and back height required.

Shaft Mount


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