Customize Order Picker Platforms

For those abusive order picker platform applications, we offer a Heavy Duty Upgrade that includes tube framing and reinforced fork pockets for stronger platform support. Please call to discuss your application.

Optima Fork Heel

OptimaForkHeel: Up to three times the service life and a low level of deflection

Standard QualityForks by VETTER are delivered with the OptimaForkHeel with its additional wear zone to provide up to three times the service life, a low level of deflection, and optimum stress distribution.


Beluga Tip Fork Sizes

Beluga tip forks can be made in virtually any size. Let us know your size and mounting class, we get you the details. 

Quantity Pricing

While many of our products are produced one at a time and there isn't any wiggle room, don't be afraid to ask via phone or email. As they say, there are no dumb questions.

Safety Stripes

We have utilized different color strips on Fork Sox. This allows the forklift operator to quickly identify they are using the Fork Sox designed for their requirements, particularly where there are slight differences in your lift truck fleet.

Carriage Identity

The right-hand sketch relates to the carriage class. Dimension "b" will be:

ITA/ISO class 2 - 16" (407mm)

ITA/ISO class 3 - 20" (508mm)

ITA/ISO class 4 - 25" (635mm)

The left-hand sketch will help determine your fork's drop, compare "RH":

ITA/ISO class 2A - 21.65" (550mm)

ITA/ISO class 2B - 24.61" (625mm)

ITA/ISO class 3A - 25.79" (655mm)

ITA/ISO class 3B - 30.71" (780mm)

ITA/ISO class 4A - 33.27" (845mm)

ITA/ISO class 4B - 31.89" (970mm)

88831 Trailer Mover Receiver

The receiver on our 88831 Trailer Spotter is 2.5" square, 3/16" wall. This is slightly larger than a standard unit. This can be a concern in using any of our attachments such as 5th Wheel or Pintle in a standard 2" receiver.

Updates to ANSI B56.1

Changes to ANSI B56.1a-2018

The previous revision of this standard was also a sizable update, so information on its changes are included below for your reference. As stated within the document itself, “following approval by the ITSDF B56 Committee and after public review, ANSI/ITSDF B56.1a-2018 was approved as an addenda to ANSI/ITSDF B56.1-2016.” Changes to ANSI/ITSDF B56.1a-2018 were limited to those needed to conform the American National Standard to OSHA fall protection requirements from 2017.

These revisions altered section 4.17.2, Table 1(a), Table 1(b), section 7.38.1, and the glossary of the ITSDF standard. Specifically, ANSI/ITSDF B56.1a-2018 called for the personal fall protection systems of trucks used to elevate personnel to be inspected and maintained in accordance with ANSI/ASSP Z359.11-2021: Safety Requirements for Full Body Harnesses, ANSI/ASSP Z359.13-2013: Personal Energy Absorbers and Energy Absorbing Lanyards, ANSI/ASSP Z359.14-2014: Safety Requirements for Self-Retracting Devises for Personal Fall Arrest and Rescue Systems. Please note that each of these standards, due to ASSE’s name change to the American Society of Safety Professionals, have ASSP in their titles, instead of ASSE.

Furthermore, ANSI B56.1a-2018 featured a new guideline regarding rating components of the fall protection system the operator’s weight. As for the tables, both Table 1(a) and Table 1(b) of ANSI/ITSDF B56.1a-2018, which detail personal fall protection system configurations in pounds and kilograms, respectively, no longer include a row on “body belt,” and they also feature several changes for operator weight.

Read more at the ANSI Blog: ANSI B56.1-2020: Safety Standard for Low, High Lift Trucks https://blog.ansi.org/?p=158399

Updated Forklift Data Tags

We get many requests for info on devices that are used in conjunction with forklifts to obtain a new data plate. Most of our devices do not impact the capacity of your lift truck. Below is an interpretation from OSHA agreeing that revised data plates are not required. We are happy to get you the information, but many manufacturers are charging for new data plates.

Interpretation: 1-78 Subject: ANSI/ITSDF B56.1-2005, Section 4.2.3, Modifications, Nameplates, Markings, and Capacity and Section 7.5.9, Nameplates and Markings Date Issued: March 13, 2006

Question (1): Section 4.2.3 states that “If a truck is equipped with front end attachments…”, does this include an attachment that is provided with the fork truck by the manufacturer? Answer (1): Yes.

Question (2): Would this attachment be an attachment other than the standard equipped tines? Answer (2): Yes. Forks are not considered to be an attachment.

Question (3): If an off the shelf attachment is purchased to use on the standard tines and the fork lift manufacturer says that the attachment purchased will not affect the capacity or the safe operation of the truck, does the fork truck require a second nameplate? Answer (3): Another nameplate would not be required if it does not affect capacity, stability, or safe operation.

Question (4): Is section 7.5.9 referring to removable attachments, does the fork truck require a nameplate if the attachment does not affect the capacity or the safe operation of the truck? Answer (4): Removable attachments that do not affect capacity, stability, or safe operation do not require a nameplate.

Genie Stik-it Pads Features


Anti-slip surface 

Prevention of damage to goods

Protection of tyne surface

Non-marking rubber compound

The rubber compound can be used from -40ºC to 110ºC environments

Oil-resistant rubber compound 

Adheres directly to forklift forks

Easily fitted and removed.

Can be easily trimmed to the appropriate size 

Can be used side by side for wider tynes 

Slim Profile

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