Long Forks in Stock

By Ken Welch on 2018-12-10 10:02:54 -

Our shipper has long forks like 5',6',7' and 8' in 4" class 2, 5" class 2 and 3, and 6" class 3 and 4 widths in stock for quick shipment.

2018 Holiday schedule

By Ken Welch on 2018-12-04 14:25:39 -

This site will not be monitored 12/22 - 12/26 and 12/31-1/1/2019 in observance of the Holidays

Drader Picker Drawing

By Ken Welch on 2018-11-27 13:49:21 -

Here are the dimensions for the Item 89234 Drader Picking Platform.


Fork Sox Warranty

By Ken Welch on 2018-11-20 10:13:59 -

Fork Sox fork covers are not covered under any warranty(s). They are guaranteed to fit the stated fork size on your order or they will be replaced at no charge to you.

Fork Kushion Savings

By Ken Welch on 2018-11-15 09:12:37 -

You may want to consider using 4" wide Fork Kushions on wider forks. While wider sizes, matched to the fork width achieve an appearance, the protection comes from the Fork Kushions preventing fork to product contact, regardless of width.

Catalog Image


Precision Stock Forks

By Ken Welch on 2018-11-07 09:25:42 -

Most of our stock forks come from Vetter, a leading manufacturer and innovator of forklift forks. Follow the link below to learn more.


You Tube

Swan Neck Forks

By Ken Welch on 2018-10-29 14:07:55 -

Swan Neck

Swan neck forks protect product by removing the inner heel area from contacting the pallet or load. Call for details.

Swan Neck 2





Shipping 89225 Orderpicking Trucks

By Ken Welch on 2018-10-24 10:31:35 -

89225 Forkliftable Order Picking Trucks ship LTL Freight Freight class 250 NMFC#188560 from zip 60484. 24" deep models weigh up to 330 lbs, 30" deep up to 340 lbs. Ships palletized on a 40" x 48" pallet. 

Catalog Image


GrippFix coated forks

By Ken Welch on 2018-10-17 11:17:13 -

GrippFix coated forks are available upon special quote. It puts a 8 mm thick coat of rubber on the horizontal surface of forks. Standard 60 Shore A material is black, a optional 55 Shore A white material is available for food applications. main benefits are slip resistance in dry and wet conditions. Recommended operating temperatures range from -4 F to 176 F.

GrippFixGrippFix cut


Beluga Fork Design

By Ken Welch on 2018-10-11 09:31:44 -

Beluga forklift forks are basically non-tapered blunt end forks with rounded tip. The increased impact surface of the fork tip can mitigate the damage done to bags, sacks, IBC totes, etc.

Additionally, they simplify the shoving of pallets. Not a recommended practice for LIFT TRUCKS, but it happens.