Securing Fork Sox

We supply Fork Sox™  brand forklift fork covers with looped material at the rear to allow you to secure the covers with nylon rope, zip ties, or whatever you can find. This is intentional due to the variations in forklift carriage lower retaining bars/plates. Secondly, consider nothing is entirely indestructible when used with a forklift. 

Fork Sox™ for Wicker Pipe Forks

We can make Fork Sox™ to cover Wicker Pipe Forks (WPDC) to protect the surface of the pipe being handled. Call with the model you are using or the size of your forks. We can also assist with urethane strips to attach to the hold-down clamp.


Bottom Dump Hoppers

Not all bottom dump hoppers work the same. Our Item 89516 utilizes a full bottom panel that tilts to allow the product to flow and is lifted via fork tubes within the hopper. If a product doesn't flow with gravity, there are other bottom dumping styles. Many of these have fork slots in the upper part of the body of the hopper and are discharged by full bottom or split bottom mechanisms. Be careful about overfilling and interference clogging the fork slots. While all of these do afford a smaller footprint than standard self-dumping hoppers, we also have the Orange Box that affords the smaller footprint, dumps from the front.

Stainless Steel Forklift Forks

Forklift forks made of stainless steel can improve your fork experience in the food industry. Made 100% stainless steel including the fork mounting hooks. This has the advantages as:

  • Extremely high durability: up to 6 times longer than cladded forks, solid material versus thin cladding
  • Smooth and polished surface meets most stringent demands
  • Easy cleaning, again solid material eliminating cracks or joints for bacteria
  • Corrosion-resistance of the entire fork
  • Smaller cross-sections compared to fork cladding make for a smoother handling experience
  • Easy crack detection during fork inspection
  • 100 % ISO 2330 conformity

Call to discuss your specific requirements.


National Forklift Safety Day

June 8th, 2021 is National Forklift Safety Day. A time to pause and reflect on safe forklift operation. The Industrial Truck Association is offering a webcast on many aspects of forklift use. Join in.

Super Duty Fork Extensions

We can offer Super Duty Fork Extensions that range to 12,000 lbs capacity, typically for an 8" wide fork. As all of our fork extensions, they are intended for hook-style forklift forks. Call about your specific requirements. 


Steel pricing continues to rise

Steel prices are changing rapidly, we are doing our best to update pricing, but may find we must adjust pricing after the fact. You will be requested to approve any changes prior to order processing. 

Self Dumping Hopper Operation

Follow the link below to review a video on how to unload a self-dumping hopper.


Work heights

If you're are working on specifying the dimensions for Item 88830 Orderpicking Platform with Desk, consider your requirements for the height of the "desk". Factors such as men/women and type of work to be done will affect your need.


Orderpicker Platform with Desk Approval Form

Due to several factors, we need to ask you to complete the form below. If you would like help, don't hesitate to call. Click here for pdf version


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