Steel pricing continues to rise

Steel prices are changing rapidly, we are doing our best to update pricing, but may find we must adjust pricing after the fact. You will be requested to approve any changes prior to order processing. 

Self Dumping Hopper Operation

Follow the link below to review a video on how to unload a self-dumping hopper.


Work heights

If you're are working on specifying the dimensions for Item 88830 Orderpicking Platform with Desk, consider your requirements for the height of the "desk". Factors such as men/women and type of work to be done will affect your need.


Orderpicker Platform with Desk Approval Form

Due to several factors, we need to ask you to complete the form below. If you would like help, don't hesitate to call. Click here for pdf version


Orderpicker Platform Modifications

If you can dream it, we can do it. Let's face it, most order-picking trucks are designed to work with wood pallets. Try to find a capacity tag on one of those. We do offer many years of experience to guide you to a good solution to your application. Call to discuss yours.

Fork Sox Price Increases

Effective Monday 3/22/2021 pricing on Fork Sox will be increasing approximately 10%. Can you say Inflation? Oh for the good old days, the first increase since 2012.

Custom Orderpicking Carts

If you can imagine it we can make it happen. Check out this customized orderpicker platform.

Orderpicker Fork to Deck Height

Most of our order picker platforms have a base built up to minimize any trip points between our platform and the operator platform. 

Dimension "A" is the needed information to make this smooth transition happen. Typically that ranges from 4" to 6" depending on the manufacturer of the order picker. It is also possible to have different heights within a brand, particularly between straddle/non-straddle/furniture designs.

Steel Surcharges

Well, we're back to the mid-2000s and steel surcharges are all the rage. As long ago we will try to keep online pricing current. When we can't just eat the increase, you will be asked to sign off on the current pricing prior to your order being processed.

Orderpicker Cylinder platform

These are regularly customized to handle your product using your order-picking truck. The number of compartments, position of the grids, the size of the grids are tailored to you.


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