Fork Covers for Loaders

Since there is little difference between forklifts and front end/wheel loaders we have had great success in providing Fork Sox™ fork covers for those types of equipment. Generally, the sizes listed on our catalog can be used for either or we can produce to fit whatever size you need.

Fork Socks

Our Fork Sox™ brand of forklift fork covers can be made in virtually any size. Use your fork size to calculate the cost or find the closest in width & length of your fork blades. If it's not even close, call or email you fork size and we will turn around a quote quickly.

Gekko Versatility

Gekko magnetic fork covers can also be used on hand pallet trucks.


Poly Load protectors vs IBC

Check out this video showing an experiment with poly load protectors and IBCs

Click here

89022 Versatility

Item 89022 Elevated picking platforms were originally designed for placing a pallet on the deck and picking product to pallet, then removing the pallet with ancillary equipment. Many have turned this around and used the platform to place the picked product. Works either way. The standard product has a clamp block on both ends.


Video of Waist-high Picking Platform

Click on YouTube logo to view a short video of Item 89019

Custom Orderpicking Solutions

Most of our order-picking carts are customized in various ways. Call to discuss your needs. are 

Sound Shield

Cascade has added "Sound Shield" to the lineup of solutions to forklift forks. By adding a cushion to the carriage mounting brackets you can virtually eliminate rattling fork sounds. Call for details. Or watch on YouTube

Fork Sox Sizes

Fork Sox forklift fork covers are available in virtually any size. The sizes on the web page are to cover common fork sizes. As a rule, the same width and length will result in the same price. Let us know what you need.

Orderpicker Platform Fork Length

Orderpicker platforms are available virtually any length, note they are still supported by the truck's forks. The fork length should be a minimum of 2/3 the length of the platform. Much the same as fork extensions

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