The Pallet Bumper

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The Pallet Dawg™ by BST Industries fits standard Class 2 ITA Carriages to help protect pallets and skids from damage thereby guarding the product and packaging from the same impact. Made of a high density polyethylene co-polymer this forklift guard can be easily attached to your lift truck carriage between the forks on your forklift as a pallet bumper cushion! This protector ships UPS from Stock. 

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Magnetic Fork Covers

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Developed internationally for the painted metal and aluminium industry, these forklift fork covers add a layer between your tines and product surfaces. Which make them ideal to protect painted metal, anodized aluminium, coated surfaces and wood products. They are constructed of 70A durometer black rubber with a metal inner core and a magnetic layer. Product is sized around an "Intended Fork Size" click here for the actual size chart. Most sizes in stock. Sizes without shank coverage are listed below.



Magnetic Fork Covers - Blade Only

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Same as above, only intended to cover length of blade. No shank protection. Most ship from stock via UPS.


Super Large Dump Hopper

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These monsters by Roura R4T-3/16-EL-1620 cover capacities from 6 to 10 cubic yards in the popular forklift accessory line of self dumping hoppers. These models are constructed of 3/16" plate (with ¼" plate bottoms on the 9 & 10 cubic yard hoppers). All measure 91" in length by 70" height with the width varying:

6 cy - 83" (8,000 lbs cap)

7 cy - 96" (8,000 lbs cap)

8 cy - 109" (8,000 lbs cap)

9 cy - 122" (10,000 lbs cap)

10 cy - 135" (10,000 lbs cap)

Safety Green finish is standard, other colors available, ships in approx 3 weeks, call for details.



Extra Heavy Duty Low Profile Hoppers

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Like their taller brothers above, these Low Profile Extra Heavy Duty Self Dumping Hoppers will hold alot, but will fit in below where the standard units won't. Fork openings 2.5" high. These low profile hoppers measure 69.5" long x 46" tall x 85" wide for the 3 cubic yard or 98.5" wide for the 3.5 cubic yard. Theses dumpers are made of the same 7 ga body and 7 ga base construction offering 5,000 lbs. capacity. Ships in approx 2 weeks.

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Open Sided Hoppers

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These open side self-dumping hoppers are available in 1 and 2 cubic yards (equivalent) to solve all long linear length material handling requirements.  This steel hopper will reduce operation costs, increase productivity and provides a safe method of material handling. Made to order in approx 3 weeks.

Common applications: tubing, lumber, plastic, metal pipe, extruded product, shears drop and construction material.


  • Exclusive pierced and extruded trunnion track with taper pins for outstanding wear resistance.
  • All hopper bodies are constructed of 3/16" & 12-gauge carbon steel.
  • One pieces gusset frame for superior strength.






Dross Hopper

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For hot heavy duty applications where you want quick dissipation of the heat from product these Dross dump hoppers are the thing you need. Constructed from 3/8" plate liner with a ¼" vented side plates on a heavy duty base and includes reinforcing angles for durable and strong body.  Made to order in approx 3 weeks.





Standard sizes include:

1/2 CY - 49" x 39.5" x 31.5" h - 6,000 lb capacity

  1 CY  - 64.5" x 39.5" x 41" h - 10,000 lb capacity

1.5 CY - 64.5" x 57.5" x 41" h - 10,000 lb capacity

   2 CY - 64.5" x 57.5" x 49.5" h - 10,000 lb capacity


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The Orange Box

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The orange Box is the only true "self dumping" hopper on the market. As the forklift mast is tilted forward a few degrees, the door releases. Tilting back or lowering the ground the mechanism on the door locks for next load, truly the EASY EMPTY container! Made to order in 3-4 weeks.

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1/4 CY Hopper

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Wright Self Dumping Hoppers by McCullough Industries feature continuous welds (leak proof upon request), ideal balance (for dumping), and strong easy to use dump mechanism. The standard 3,000 lb model features 7 gauge body with a 7 gauge (3/16") base. Optional heavy duty 4,000 lb model is constructed with ¼" steel base.

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1/3 CY Hopper

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Wright Self Dumping Hoppers by McCullough Industries feature continuous welds (leak proof upon request), ideal balance (for dumping), and strong easy to use dump mechanism. The light 3,000 lb model features 12 gauge body with a 7 gauge (3/16") base. Optional standard duty 4,000 lb model is constructed with 7 gauge body and a 7 gauge base , heavy duty 5000 lb model increases the steel base to ¼" thickness.

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