6" x 2.5" Standard Taper Class 4 Forks

Item Number: 88659 Catalog Image

21,100 lbs per pair capacity at 24" load center      


FTP Standard ITA Forks

Item Number: 88624 Catalog Image

The sizes below are in stock Standard ITA hook mount forks with flat heels, fully tapered from tip to fork heel and feature a top bevel tip and polished blades. Class 2 versions are rated at 5,500 lbs per pair at 24" load center, class 3 range from 9,000 to 10,000 lbs per pair at 24" load center.



Forklift Picking Platform

Item Number: 89021 Catalog Image

These 40" x 48" Aluminum Forklift Orderpicker Platforms avoid the work trip points associated with GMA wood pallets! They feature 4" x 6" x ¼" fork pockets, replaceable wood clamp block, and anti-slip tape on end. Lifetime Guarantee against rust & corrosion. Call for custom sizes. Lead Time is 3 weeks.

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$1,657.00 EA$1,557.00 EA$1,507.00 EA

Fork Poly Load Protectors

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Load Protectors provide a cushioned non-slip surface between product and steel fork, eliminating expensive scratching, chipping, marring and scuffing caused by steel forks. Molded from Black premium 93A hardness polyurethane to OEM specifications. Load Protectors fit right over standard lift truck forks with mounting hardware. Eliminates damage in several typical applications such as exotic castings, building materials, tombstone handling, windows, etc. Prices are per pair, individual covers are available, call for details. Lead time ranges from stock to 2-3 weeks!


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GenieGrips Mat - 6"

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GenieGrip® Mats are molded rubber covers that will help protect the product from marring and/or make your forks non-slip when handling slippery loads like empty wire baskets with forks/tines. Non-returnable. Ships UPS in 5 days.

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GenieGrips Loading Mirror

Item Number: 89203 Catalog Image

GenieGrips® Loading Mirrors are forward view mirror system designed for forklifts. It allows drivers to see around the load and sight the tynes. They significantly reduce damage to goods and infrastructure while improving operational efficiency and safety. In stock. Available in Slimview or Wideview configurations.

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GenieGrips Caps

Item Number: 89205 Catalog Image

GenieGrip Caps are intended to prevent your forks from puncturing or tearing your products. Particularly useful when handling IBC containers. Currently only available for 5" (125mm) forks. Easily installed, the yellow rubber-clad tips make the fork tips more visible.



Fork Rear Spacer

Item Number: 89092 Catalog Image

These fork spacers easily reduce the usable length of your forks by 12". The simply slide on at a 45° angle to the rear of the forks. Ships in 2-3 weeks via UPS.

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Plastic Dump Hopper

Item Number: 88860 Catalog Image

These Dump Hoppers are constructed of HD Poly plastic bodies with steel frames to let you take advantage of using your forklift to move product or waste for quick, easy dumping. They simply mount to the forks, transport the load, and dump! Forklift fork mount dumpers are made to order in 3-4 weeks in your choice of capacities, colors, and optional caster base. Call for additional options like FDA Approved construction, lids, drains, stenciling, custom colors, etc. Shown with optional casters.


CY Cap Capacity Dimensions Weight
5/8 750 lbs 59”x26”x42” 175
1.1 1000 lbs 71”x 31”x46” 210
1.7 1200 lbs 80”x40”x55” 300
2.2 1500 lbs 80”x51”x55” 331
3 1700 lbs 90”x56”x63” 400


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Forklift Fork Extensions

Item Number: 89450 Catalog Image

Provide the extra support needed to lift long or large objects with your forklift. They simply slide on and off. Fits forks up to 2" thick. Sizes based on fork width (overall width will be approx 1" wider) Additional sizes available upon request. The overall length must not exceed 50% of supporting forks. Sold and priced per pair. Limited sizes in stock, call for availability. Options available.

36" forks - max 54" size

42" forks - max 63" size

48" forks - max 72" size