Forklift Order Picking Carts - 3 shelf

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These forklift order picking carts are designed to turn your order-picking work truck into a small parts mobile carousel system! Comes with three adjustable 24" deep x 36¾" wide shelves for maximum flexibility. All-welded heavy-duty construction. 4" x 6" x ¼" fork pockets with a deck designed to work with your brand of Orderpicker (select from the box below) Aluminum construction. Lead time is 3 weeks. 


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Orderpicking Cart with Backstop

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This Cart features a 48" wide by 66"(60" usable) long deck with an overall height of approx 6', two 6" x 2" swivel and two 6" x 2" rigid casters, universal orderpicker pockets, backstop with handle and heavy-duty all-aluminum construction make this unit mobile and ideal for picking bulk or cases of your product. Made to order in 3 weeks.

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Orderpicker Platform with Desk

Item Number: 88830 Catalog Image

Create your work cell on an orderpicker! This overall 40" x 60" platform features a desk area with enough clearance to operate a laptop and have a couple of shelves with the lips inverted to keep items from rolling off! Total capacity is 1500 lbs, Requires a completed survey form so we can match the platform deck height with your brand orderpicker (no trip points) and pallet grab. Made to order in 4-6 weeks.




Drader Picking Platform

Item Number: 89234 Catalog Image

This 44" x 60" Order picking platform would be ideal working with Drader Mfg. warehouse bins, size has been adjusted to allow bins to stay within the perimeter of the work area. Upper shelves supplement picking activities. The unit can be customized. Ships in 4-6 weeks.


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Forkliftable Dolly

Item Number: 89226 Catalog Image

This all-welded 12 gauge solid deck pallet dolly features 2 full-length fork pockets with 6”  fork openings on 24” centers. The deck is 14.25” high. 4 swivel 6” Phenolic casters  All-welded steel construction. Durable powder coated gray finish. 3600 lbs. capacity.Available with 2 floor locks to keep your load stationary while loading and unloading. Ships LTL in 2-3 weeks.

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Hardwood Battery Lifting Beam

Item Number: 88520 Catalog Image

Hardwood Battery Lifting Beam designed to safely move forklift batteries, featuring:

  • Heat Treated
  • Adjustable Battery Hooks
  • Cast Aluminum Retainers
  • 4,000 lbs capacity – 43″ in Length 
  • 6,000 lbs capacity – 47″ in Length


Plastic Dump Hopper

Item Number: 88860 Catalog Image

These Dump Hoppers are constructed of HD Poly plastic bodies with steel frames to let you take advantage of using your forklift to move product or waste for quick, easy dumping. They simply mount to the forks, transport the load, and dump! Forklift fork mount dumpers are made to order in 3-4 weeks in your choice of capacities, colors, and optional caster base. Call for additional options like FDA Approved construction, lids, drains, stenciling, custom colors, etc. Shown with optional casters.


CY Cap Capacity Dimensions Weight
5/8 750 lbs 59”x26”x42” 175
1.1 1000 lbs 71”x 31”x46” 210
1.7 1200 lbs 80”x40”x55” 300
2.2 1500 lbs 80”x51”x55” 331
3 1700 lbs 90”x56”x63” 400


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Bottom Dump Hopper

Item Number: 89156 Catalog Image

In addition to dumping free flow materials from your forklift, this unit can also dump from a crane! After the Bottom Dump hopper has moved to the dumpsite, a single operator retracts the locking pin and trips the front release allowing the material to flow from the bottom door. 2.5" x 7.5" Fork Pockets. Made to order in 2 weeks. Optional Lanyard Release Cable enables dumping from side/forklift seat.



Dimensions in inches

















1 1/2
















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The Orange Box

Item Number: 89400 Catalog Image

The orange Box is the only true "self-dumping" hopper on the market. As the forklift mast is tilted forward a few degrees, the door releases. Tilting back or lowering the ground the mechanism on the door locks for next load, truly the EASY EMPTY container! Made to order in 3-4 weeks.

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Super Large Dump Hopper

Item Number: 89180 Catalog Image

These monsters by Roura R4T-3/16-EL-1620 cover capacities from 6 to 10 cubic yards in the popular forklift accessory line of self-dumping hoppers. These models are constructed of 3/16" plate (with ¼" plate bottoms on the 9 & 10 cubic yard hoppers). All measure 91" in length by 70" height with the width varying:

6 cy - 83" (8,000 lbs cap)

7 cy - 96" (8,000 lbs cap)

8 cy - 109" (8,000 lbs cap)

9 cy - 122" (10,000 lbs cap)

10 cy - 135" (10,000 lbs cap)

Safety Green finish is standard, other colors available, ships in approx 3 weeks, call for details.