Economy Telescoping Forklift Jib Booms

Item Number: 88906 Catalog Image

These forklift jib booms telescope from 80" to 144". The telescopic section of these jib booms are secured in place with an infinitely adjustable locking screw. Fork openings are on 11" centers and will accomodate forks up to 7.1" wide x 2" thick (optional larger fork pockets are available). 8,000 lb models available, call for details. Overall size is 32"W x 11"H. Ships in 48 hours!


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Orbit Telescoping Forklift Crane

Item Number: 88908 Catalog Image

The High Riser Boom adds five feet of lifting height to any forklift, making your forklift a mobile forklift crane. The LM-OBT extends to lengths up to 144".  The overall height of the telescoping boom is 70" and the overall width is 32". Fork openings are  on 24" centers and will accommodate forks up to 7.1" wide x 2" thick (optional larger fork pockets are available). 8,000 lb models available, call for details. Ships in 48 hours!


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Forklift Hook Plate

Item Number: 88913 Catalog Image

The Lift-Master Hook Plate by Vestil enables any forklift to maximize safety while lifting a load using chains, cables or ropes.  The safety chain and strap are used to secure the Hook Plate to the forklift, preventing it from sliding off the end of the forks.   The 4000 lb model is constructed of 3/4" hot rolled steel.  Additional 6,000 pounds capacity option is available for handling heavier loads. Fork openings are 6.25" x 1.75". Ships in 48 hours! Ships UPS.

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Auto Tension Hoisting Hook

Item Number: 89091 Catalog Image

This hoisting hook automatically adds tension as weight is added. Can be used on forks up to 5" x 1¾". Yeilds a uniform capacity of up to 4,000 lbs. Swivel hook standard. Ships UPS. 



Open Sided Hoppers

Item Number: 88985 Catalog Image

These open side self-dumping hoppers are available in 1 and 2 cubic yards (equivalent) to solve all long linear length material handling requirements.  This steel hopper will reduce operation costs, increase productivity and provides a safe method of material handling. Made to order.

Common applications: tubing, lumber, plastic, metal pipe, extruded product, shears drop and construction material.


  • Exclusive pierced and extruded trunnion track with taper pins for outstanding wear resistance.
  • All hopper bodies are constructed of 3/16" & 12-gauge carbon steel.
  • One pieces gusset frame for superior strength.






Dross Hopper

Item Number: 89153 Catalog Image

For hot heavy duty applications where you want quick dissipation of the heat from product these Dross dump hoppers are the thing you need. Constructed from 3/8" plate liner with a ¼" vented side plates on a heavy duty base and includes reinforcing angles for durable and strong body.   





Standard sizes include:

1/2 CY - 49" x 39.5" x 31.5" h - 6,000 lb capacity

  1 CY  - 64.5" x 39.5" x 41" h - 10,000 lb capacity

1.5 CY - 64.5" x 57.5" x 41" h - 10,000 lb capacity

   2 CY - 64.5" x 57.5" x 49.5" h - 10,000 lb capacity


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Hardwood Forklift Battery Lifting Beam

Item Number: 89050 Catalog Image

Beams are hardwood construction, made of naturally spark proof insulation incorporating rubber hook retainers for safe operation. Optional hooks for specialty batteries available (See weblog for details). 6000 pound capacity, overalll length 45" (52"OAW for 35.5" to 50.5" model). Optional Steel Grab Handle available. Standard size ships UPS in 72 hours, large model via truck. Meets ASME BTH-1.



Hardwood Forklift Battery Lifting Beam Accessory

Item Number: 89060 Catalog Image

This steel staging stand keeps your hardwood forklift battery lifting beam ready for use and eases operation. Does not include beam. Ships LTL in 1-2 weeks.

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Orderpicker Platform with Desk

Item Number: 88830 Catalog Image

Create your work cell on an orderpicker! This overall 40" x 60" platform features a desk area with enough clearance to operate a laptop and have a couple shelves with the lips inverted to keep items from rolling off! Total capacity is 1500 lbs, Requires a completed survey form so we can match the platform deck height with your brand orderpicker (no trip points) and pallet grab. Made to order in 3-4 weeks.




Forklift Trailer Spotter

Item Number: 88831 Catalog Image

This 5,000 lb capacity Fork Mounted attachment will make moving trailers with your forklift a breeze! Features generous 8" x 3"  fork pockets (up to 7" x 2.5" forks), heavy duty safety chain, and includes 3 way hitch that includes 1-7/8",2", & 2-5/16" balls. Overall dimensions are 17" wide x 24" long.




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