Products to enhance orderpicker safety and productivity!

Forklift Picking Platform

Item Number: IND-PPH Catalog Image

These 40" x 48" Aluminum Forklift Orderpicker Platforms avoid the work trip points associated with GMA wood pallets! They feature 4" x 6" x ¼" fork pockets, replaceable wood clamp block, and anti slip tape on end. Lifetime Guarantee against rust & corrosion. Call for custom sizes. Lead Time is 6 weeks.

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Forklift Order Picking Carts - 3 shelf

Item Number: IND- OPC3 Catalog Image

These  forklift order picking carts are designed to turn your orderpicking work truck into a small parts mobile carousel system! Comes with three adjustable 24" deep x 36¾" wide shelves for maximum flexibility. All welded heavy duty construction. 4" x 6" x ¼" fork pockets with deck designed to work with your brand of Orderpicker (select from box below) Aluminum construction. Lead time is 6 weeks.

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Forkliftable Order Picking Truck

Item Number: FOP2448 Catalog Image

These forklift mountable 3 shelf trucks include 6" x 3.5" (24" centers) fork pockets that allow you to take the cart to the roof with your orderpicker. Includes 1½" steel grab bar to secure to the orderpicker. Shelves are set with 19" clearance, overall height 68". Polyurethane tread casters (2 swivel, 2 ridgid) assure smooth rolling with up to the 3600 lb capacity. Gray finish, lip up option is a custom unit. Lead time is 2-3 weeks.

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Elevated Platform Picking Pallet

Item Number: IND-EPPS Catalog Image

Elevated platform height provides egonomic operator work position in loading and/or unloading less than full load items with your forklift orderpicker. The raised deck is 43.5" x 45" wide and sits 26.75" high in use (add you pallet height for final work height). Heavy duty aluminum construction. Replaceable wood clamp block secures unit to the orderpicker. Manufacturer life time guarantee against rust and corrosion! Standard capacity is 1500 lbs uniform loading. Shipping weight is 165 lbs. Call for custom sizes. Lead time is 6 weeks.


Forkliftable Dolly

Item Number: LG4048 Catalog Image

This all-welded 12 gauge solid deck pallet dolly features 2 full length fork pockets with 6”  fork openings on 24” centers. Deck is 14.25” high. 4 swivel 6” Phenolic casters  All-welded steel construction. Durable powder coated gray finish. 3600 lbs. capacity.Available with 2 floor locks to keep your load stationary while loading and unloading. Ships LTL in 2-3 weeks.

$415.00 EA$399.00 EA$375.00 EA

Forklift Orderpicking Cart

Item Number: IND OPC1 Catalog Image

Pick orders efficiently and safely work with these aluminum forklift order picking carts. Includes two 30" deep shelves that secure to evenly spaced angle guides with a 4 degree slope to retard rollback. All welded heavy duty construction, 4" x 2" clamp block, universal fork pockets with deck designed to fit to your brand of Orderpicker (select from box below). Lead time is 6 weeks.


Forklift Order Picking Carts - 2 shelf

Item Number: IND-OPC2 Catalog Image

Gather medium size orders efficiently and safely work with these aluminum forklift order picking carts. Includes two 32" deep x 36.75" wide shelves adjustable on 4" centers. All welded heavy duty construction, 4" x 6" x ¼" fork pockets with deck designed to fit to your brand of Orderpicker (select from box below). Lead time is 6 weeks.

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Order Picker Platforms

Item Number: ORDPK3648 Catalog Image

Welded Steel Construction, Smooth Top Deck, and Clamp Block Standard are key features of this work platform to be used with Orderpicker style lift trucks. Requires completed application form prior to order being processed. Form can be found in weblog section or click hereLead time is 3 weeks.


Orderpicker Platform with Desk

Item Number: 88830 Catalog Image

Create your work cell on an orderpicker! This overall 40" x 60" platform features a desk area with enough clearance to operate a laptop and have a couple shelves with the lips inverted to keep items from rolling off! Total capacity is 1500 lbs, Requires a completed survey form so we can match the platform deck height with your brand orderpicker (no trip points) and pallet grab. Made to order in 3-4 weeks.


Stockpicker Work Platform

Item Number: 89010 Catalog Image

 Forklift aerial assist product that when combined with a forklift provide a safe work area and cost-effective alternative for both maintenance platform and stockpicker applications. All models comply with OSHA 1910.29 & ANSI A14.7

Rugged welded steel tube and angle frame construction 

Mast chain secures Stockpicker to forklift

Safety chain & 42" guardrails for added operator protection

Platform width of 29" and depth of 20", overall length 60"

4" toe plate surrounds the non-slip deck

84" high expanded metal grate shields worker from the mast

Tapered 3"x 6" fork pockets on 23" centers with 17" between pockets

Shipped knocked down

 Total weight of worker and load not to exceed 1,000 pounds.