Specialty Hopper Ideas

Here are some specialty application self dumping hopper ideas from Roura, let us know about your special needs!

Ultra Heavy Duty Construction

Ultra heavy duty hopper

Ultra HD hopper can be made using up to a 1/2" thick plate on the hopper body. By using tubular steel reinforcement the bases are designed for nasty applications.


Hooded Hoppers

Hooded Hopper

In the glass industry hood is used to deflect objects. 

Vortex Lined Hooper

Vortex lined

Used for highly corrosive materials application or the food industry for waste.

Stainless Steel Body Hopper

Stainless Steel Hooper

The food industry material of choice is usually an austenitic stainless steel
body with a galvanized mild steel base to keep cost reasonable.

Self Dumping Body Style Rotator Box

Rotator Box Self Dump Style

A controlled gradual  dump by using a Gator rotator box with a self-dumping hopper style body.

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