Dump Hopper with Caster Height

Let's say you want to collect scrap from an operation in a tight location, by adding casters to the Dump Hopper you can wheel the unit out from the collection point, where it can be removed with a forklift. You probabbly will also be faced with a height limit from where the scrap eminates. We have six brands of hoppers listed on this site, they don't make or buy the exact same brand of casters, consequently the exact overall height adjustment for a Dump Hopper with casters will vary. I suggest emailing or calling with your needs and we'll check it out.

Generally you can add 1-2" to the wheel diameter to get the overall height, a 6" "caster" will add 7" or 8" to the finished height and a 8" "caster" will add 9" or 10".

Stainless Steel Hooper


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