Revised Fork Sox Options

Since all of our Fork Sox™ are made to order, there are infinite variation possible.

In addition to the  price list option detailed below, we have extended the top (flap) portion to ride up the forklift fork face to the top (or as far you need to protect your product) with either Velcro straps  to keep them from "flopping" down.

We have doubled the amount of nylon webbing in the tip for customers need to dig under loads and want to increase the life of their Fork Sox™.

We have supplied heavier side panel (Cordura®) for users whose forklifts pin wheel with loads frequently that increase the side pressure. Different side panel colors have been provided for ease of identification.

The price list option for our Fork Sox™, the forklift fork cover product is the Flap option in which we extend the top 4" which allows the flap to ride up your fork blades and protect  loads from coming in contact with the bare forks.

Fork Sox flap option







The now standard second option we call Finger Loops. These folded pieces of high strength fabric are sewn onto the side panels of the Fork Sox™. Some ingenious customers have used them to tie the Fork Sox onto the forks utilizing common nylon rope.

Finger loop option

 Finger Loops

 early version in use                          current version




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