How to Measure for TireBooties

By Ken Welch on 2009-06-23 10:56:18 -


 TireBootie A Measurement  TireBootie B MeasurementTireBootie C Measurement

          A                    B                      C

Measuring is critical, remember tires wear over time depending upon the appication and conditions. TireBooties® will conform somewhat in use.

The "A" measurement is from the ground to the top of the tire, "B" measurement is the tread width(round off to the next 1/2"), and "C" measurement is from the ground to the edge of the rim. If the height is between 3-6" use 3" as your "C" measurement. For 7" or taller divide in half for "C" measurement.

To get the diameter for your TireBooties® add A+B+B+C+C


"A" is 24" high, "B" is 6.5" wide, and "C" is 5.5" high

24+6.5+6.5+3+3= 43" diameter