Forklift Fork Covers

By Ken Welch on 2009-01-08 11:45:40 -

We offer several products that will cover forklift forks, both the horizonal fork surface or the fork vertical surface.

Covering the horizonal plane of the forklift fork can be accomplished with our Fork Sox™ product that is constructed with heavy duty woven nylon webbing that cover the fork like a sock. Poly Load Protectors are molded fork covers that slip on the forks like a bra and attach via a pin/cotter pin arrangement behind the the heel of the fork. Fork Blade Protectors are designed to protect cartons, drums, your product from being punctured by the forks. Lastly, we offer Poly Coated Forks that feature polyurethane cast directly to the fork on either surface or both surfaces.

Covering the vertical member of the fork (shank) can be done with Fork-Kushions®. They are available in various widths and formulations to meet the needs of your application.

Basic considerations on horizonal covers: 

Fork Sox™ can be fabricated to virtually any size fork and are relatively inexpensive. Easy to put on, store behind the forklift seat! Care should be taken when disengaging from the load so they stay on the forks. We fabricate them to be somewhat tailored, but not press fit.

Forklift Poly Load Protectors are available in a limited number of sizes, basically from 4-6" wide to 60" length to accomodate the most popular fork sizes. Mechanic skills aren't required for installation! With the slight compression from the load weight, these also make slide free handling of various products a breeze.

Forklift Fork Blade Protectors are only available for 4" wide by either 42" or 48" fork lengths. These are intended to protect your product from fork abuse.