Forklift Mounted Carpet Poles

By Ken Welch on 2007-03-07 14:43:17 -

Carpet poles or rug rams are long, sturdy poles that are used to carry roles of material such as carpet. Carpet poles allow forklift operators to safely transport carpet rolls by putting a pole through the hollow center of the roll. They may be mounted to the carriage or to the forks. The carpet is not able to roll around during movement as it would if it were merely sitting on the forks Typically, they are 9’, 10’, or 12’ long to support ¾ or more of the length of the roll being handled, depending on the rolls flexibility or weight.. All rug ram carpet poles are made in accordance with the ANSI B56.1 ASME guidelines and meet all OSHA qualifications and standards.

Fork Mount Carpet RamCarriage Mount Carpet Ram    




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