6" x 2.25" Standard Taper Class 4 Forks

Item Number: 88653 Catalog Image

17,500 lbs per pair capacity at 24" load center


6" x 2.5" Standard Taper Class 4 Forks

Item Number: 88659 Catalog Image

21,100 lbs per pair capacity at 24" load center


Fork Sox for Marina Forks

Item Number: FSY Marina Catalog Image

This is one of infinite sizes used to cover forks for handling boats, it includes heavy duty webbing material on the sides in addition to the top & bottom. As other Fork Sox listed, all are made to order in 2 weeks.


Fork Poly Load Protectors

Item Number: 88870 Catalog Image

Load Protectors provide a cushioned non-slip surface between product and steel fork, eliminating expensive scratching, chipping, marring and scuffing caused by steel forks. Molded from premium 91A hardness polyurethane to OEM specifications. Load Protectors fit right over standard lift truck forks with mounting hardware. Eliminates damage in several typical applications such as exotic castings, building materials, tombstone handling, windows, etc. Prices are per pair, individual covers are available, call for details. Lead time ranges from stock to 2-3 weeks!







Order Picker Platforms

Item Number: 89232 Catalog Image

Welded Steel Construction, Smooth Top Deck, and Clamp Block Standard are key features of this work platform to be used with Orderpicker style lift trucks. Standard capacity is 1500 lbs. Requires completed application form prior to order being processed. Form can be found in weblog section or click hereLead time is 3-4 weeks.


Orderpicker Platform with Desk

Item Number: 88830 Catalog Image

Create your work cell on an orderpicker! This overall 40" x 60" platform features a desk area with enough clearance to operate a laptop and have a couple shelves with the lips inverted to keep items from rolling off! Total capacity is 1500 lbs, Requires a completed survey form so we can match the platform deck height with your brand orderpicker (no trip points) and pallet grab. Made to order in 4-6 weeks.




Aluminum Picking Platform

Item Number: 89233 Catalog Image

Welded Aluminum Construction, Smooth Top Deck, full length fork tubes and Clamp Block Standard are key features of this work platform to pick with Orderpicker style forklifts. Requires completed application form prior to order being processed. Form can be found in weblog section or click here. Customize to increase your picking efficiency with your stock picker! Lead time is 4-6 weeks.


Big Forklift Work Platform

Item Number: 89230 Catalog Image

This big construction (B56.6 standards) platform measures 48" x 90" to give plenty of room for getting work done. The deck is a traction grip surface for great footing and comes with lanyard attachment points built in. The deck is accessed from swing in doors on either side. The fork pockets will handle forks up to 8" wide by 2.5"thick and lock the platform to the forklift. Optional bolt on mesh back for use on regular forklifts available. Fold down design to save on shipping costs. Platform Harness w/Lanyard available in Safety section or below. Made to order in 3-4 weeks.

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Forklift Trailer Spotter

Item Number: 88831 Catalog Image

This 5,000 lb capacity Fork Mounted attachment will make moving trailers with your forklift a breeze! Features generous 8" x 3"  fork pockets (up to 7" x 2.5" forks), heavy duty safety chain, and includes 3 way hitch that includes 1-7/8",2", & 2-5/16" balls. Overall dimensions are 17" wide x 24" long. Ships from stock.

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Tri Ball   Pintle    TR-OPT 02





Forklift Carpet Pole Fork Mount

Item Number: 89251 Catalog Image

Transport rolls of carpet with this sturdy Forklift Carpet Pole.  2.5" diameter high strength, rotating, replaceable rug pole has a tapered tip.  Carpet ram units are made of steel construction and painted blue. Fork mounted carpet poles feature 7" W x 2" H fork pockets on 13.5" centers. Safety chain is included to secure unit to lift truck. In stock. Capacities are 2500 lbs on all models. Includes 8',9', 10' or 12' pole (not pictured).

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