Poly Clad Class 4 Forks - Horizonal Surface Only

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Polyurethane coated forklift forks help prevent marring from steel on steel or painted surface handling. These ITA class 4 hook mounted forks have 16,300 lbs per pair capacity at a 24" load center and are permanently clad with ½" of 90 shore A red polyurethane along the horizontal upper surfaces. Made to order in 4 weeks. Other sizes, colors and/or surface coverings upon request.


Forklift Picking Platform

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These 40" x 48" Aluminum Forklift Orderpicker Platforms avoid the work trip points associated with GMA wood pallets! They feature 4" x 6" x ¼" fork pockets, replaceable wood clamp block, and anti slip tape on end. Lifetime Guarantee against rust & corrosion. Call for custom sizes. Lead Time is 3 weeks.

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Elevated Platform Picking Pallet

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Elevated platform height provides ergonomic operator work position in loading and/or unloading less than full load items with your forklift orderpicker. The deck is 42" x 42" (43.5" x 45" overall) wide and sits 26.75" high in use (add you pallet height for final work height). Overall height is 36". Heavy duty aluminum construction. Replaceable wood clamp block secures unit to the orderpicker. Manufacturer life time guarantee against rust and corrosion! Standard capacity is 1500 lbs uniform loading. Shipping weight is 165 lbs. Call for custom sizes. Lead time is 3 weeks.

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Retractable Life Line with Safety Harness

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Unique stainless steel swivel offers quick attach/ removal to lift truck shackle. Retractable Lifeline adjusts to 8 feet to allow freedom of movement to work comfortably and safely while picking orders or working in forklift cages. Lifeline lock mechanism stops falls immediately. Lightweight and durable high quality webbing and stainless steel hardware stand up to rack, personnel basket, and orderpicker environments. Double locking snap hook 2-step process assures active-protection compliance and ease of use to improve productivity and safety. Universal, X-Large, XX-Large just specify. Quick ship! Ships UPS.


Poly Fork Covers

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These Poly covers protect your product from damage by giving a blunt end to your forks. Attach with pin behind the heel of the fork and secure with a cotter pin. Max 2" thick forks. Ships from stock in a 2-3 days. Only sizes below are currently available.


Roller Forks

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Hydraulic free palletless handling is available for you forklift now! Reduce costs dramatically by swithching to slip sheets. RollerForks® are also a great way to handle bulk bags. RollerForks® offer:

Lower investment costs

RollerForks® weigh little more than ordinary forks allowing a smaller lift truck to be used

No hydraulic connection needed

Applicable to light weight electric stackers

No loss of visibility

Almost no maintenance needed because there are no hydraulics and no lubrication points

RollerForks® can also be used for lifting standard pallets

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5" x 2" x 42" class 2 Standard Folding Forks

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Standard Folding Forks are custom made with a one pin connection, this configuration maintains a 5,000 lb capacity at a 24" load center to match up with ITA class 2 carriages. Other sizes are available, call for details. Sold per pair. 10-12 week lead time.



5" x 2" x 42" class 2 Locking Folding Forks

Item Number: 88597 Catalog Image

These Folding Forks feature a second pin that locks the blade in operating position. Very helpful to prevent unintended folding of the horizontal section. 5,000 lb capacity at a 24" load center to match up with ITA class 2 carriages. Other sizes are available, call for details. Sold per pair. 10-12 week lead time.



Fork Poly Load Protectors

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Load Protectors provide a cushioned non-slip surface between product and steel fork, eliminating expensive scratching, chipping, marring and scuffing caused by steel forks. Molded from Black premium 93A hardness polyurethane to OEM specifications. Load Protectors fit right over standard lift truck forks with mounting hardware. Eliminates damage in several typical applications such as exotic castings, building materials, tombstone handling, windows, etc. Prices are per pair, individual covers are available, call for details. Lead time ranges from stock to 2-3 weeks!







Poly Clad Fork Extensions

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Poly Clad Fork Extensions give you the covering of Poly Clad Forks plus the flexibility of removing them from your forklift when not needed. They feature the same ½" coating of 90A polyurethane on heavy duty steel fork extensions with a pin lock mounting style. The pin lock mounting means your lift truck operator can drive into the extensions then secure them to the forks. Sizes listed below are based on the fork width and the usable length. Call for other sizes. Made to order in 4 weeks!

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