Hoisting Hook

The unusual ways to utilize your forklift.

Double Fork Hoisting Hook

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Convert your forklift into a swivel hook in a matter of seconds. The easy to attach Hoisting Hook does not require the assistance of special tools. Secured to the forklift forks by means of a 36" long safety strap and screw clamps.  The forklift attachment is zinc plated. Hook with shackle included. Capacity 10,000 lbs. Ships in 48 hours! Ships UPS.


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Forklift Hook Plate

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The Lift-Master Hook Plate by Vestil enables any forklift to maximize safety while lifting a load using chains, cables or ropes.  The safety chain and strap are used to secure the Hook Plate to the forklift, preventing it from sliding off the end of the forks.   The 4000 lb model is constructed of 3/4" hot rolled steel.  Additional 6,000 pounds capacity option is available for handling heavier loads. Fork openings are 6.25" x 1.75". Ships in 48 hours! Ships UPS.

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Auto Tension Hoisting Hook

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This hoisting hook automatically adds tension as weight is added. Can be used on forks up to 5" x 1¾". Yeilds a uniform capacity of up to 4,000 lbs. Swivel hook standard. Ships UPS. 



Forklift Trailer Spotter

Item Number: 88831 Catalog Image

This 5,000 lb capacity Fork Mounted attachment will make moving trailers with your forklift a breeze! Features generous 8" x 3"  fork pockets (up to 7" x 2.5" forks), heavy duty safety chain, and includes 3 way hitch that includes 1-7/8",2", & 2-5/16" balls. Overall dimensions are 17" wide x 24" long.




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Forkliftable Dolly

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This all-welded 12 gauge solid deck pallet dolly features 2 full length fork pockets with 6”  fork openings on 24” centers. Deck is 14.25” high. 4 swivel 6” Phenolic casters  All-welded steel construction. Durable powder coated gray finish. 3600 lbs. capacity.Available with 2 floor locks to keep your load stationary while loading and unloading. Ships LTL in 2-3 weeks.

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Battery Watering Gun

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Fill the cells of your forklift battery fast with this watering gun! Features automatic shutoff and fits most battery openings including MC001 Flip Top caps. Rugged ABS construction, requires minimum 15 psi source and fills at approx 1.7 GPM. 45 degree angle nozzle for ease of handling. Ships UPS in 1-2 days.


Manual Flip Top Battery Cap

Item Number: 89071 Catalog Image

Manual Bayonet Vent caps save time inspecting and making water adjustments to your forklift battery. Low profile keeps out of the way of battery cables. Internal design returns excess moisture to battery cell rather than top of Lift truck battery. Works great with our manual watering gun! Ships UPS in 48-72 hours.


Forklift Snow Bucket

Item Number: 89248 Catalog Image

Turn your forklift into a snow scoop and dumper with this bucket style attachment. Snow bucket is manufactured with extra duty components for longevity. Attaches  with  safety chain. The Snow bucket has a self dumping mechanism that is activated with a simple pull on the release cable by the fork lift operator from his seat. 



  • Structural steel base
  • 1/4″ Plate Body
  • Heavy Duty Beveled Scraping Edge
  • Reinforced Fork Pockets Handle up to 2-1/4″x7″ Forks
  • Dual Latch Mechanism for Dumping
  • 4,000 lb Capacity



Trailer Spotter

Item Number: 88515 Catalog Image

An inexpensive and fast way to move trailers with your fork lift truck. It quickly attaches to both pallet forks for stable load movement with safety chain and grab hook for added security per OSHA requirements. Accepts standard 2” hitch inserts desired to handle 1.875” to 2 5/16” hitch ball for up to 6,000 lbs gross towing weight, and with the pintle adapter, up to 16,000 lbs gross towing weight. Fork pockets 7.5" x 2.5" on 22" centers (Max 7" x 2.25" forks).



The Pallet Bumper

Item Number: 88710 Catalog Image

The Pallet Dawg™ by BST Industries fits standard Class 2 ITA Carriages to help protect pallets and skids from damage thereby guarding the product and packaging from the same impact. Made of a high density polyethylene co-polymer this forklift guard can be easily attached to your lift truck carriage between the forks on your forklift as a pallet bumper cushion! This protector ships UPS. 

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